Lazy Police Puppy Sleeps Through His Entire Swearing-In Ceremony

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Police Puppy Sleeping

You might expect a police dog to look quite strong and tough after training, but not this police puppy! Little Brody managed to sleep through his whole swearing-in ceremony and earned quite a bit of internet love along the way!

Handling The Ceremony Well

Police Dog Sleeping

To become a part of the police department, little Brody needed to go through the swearing-in ceremony, just like any other police officer. He prepared in the morning, arrived at the department, and… Well, let’s just say, he handled it like the very good boy he is! As the officers live-streamed the event online, everyone on the internet watched as Brody slept through the entire thing! Of course, as the pup is just 12 weeks old, we can all understand his tiny little nap.

Not minding others, Brody continued his morning nap at work as his handler had to swear for him. “We put him down on the desk, and he was just so comfortable that he lay down and fell asleep,” Officer Keith Medeiros commented. Some of you might be wondering exactly how a police puppy graduated from the academy…

How Did He Join?


Of course, Brody is no normal police dog. Instead, he’s a K-9 comfort dog! In fact, at first, the Bristol Police Department did not feel convinced they needed a therapy fluffy. As you might imagine, they wanted a narcotics or bomb-sniffing dog instead. However, after a school resource officer, Officer Medeiros, suggested the purchase, the department simply could not turn away a dog as adorable as Brody. Now, he’s working full time as a comfort dog!

Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, Brody hasn’t managed to visit as many people as he usually would. Still, they are working hard to keep Brody as busy as possible. “You want him to be exposed to as many people as possible,” Medeiros said. “And I try to do that while practicing social distancing.” In the meantime, Brody has also been helping the officers in these stressful times. “People are really stressed, especially in law enforcement,” Medeiros explained. “Just by walking in the police department with Brody, people immediately smile, they immediately get into a better place. They want to pet him, want to hug him, and it’s just a really good thing.”

Comforting Strangers Online

Police Dog Sleeping

For those wondering, this is not Brody’s first time sleeping through something important. In fact, Officer Mederios says he sleeps all the time! “He plays really hard, and he sleeps really hard,” the police officer said. “When he’s not playing, he’s sleeping, which is kind of tough because he sleeps a lot.”

After his viral video, many around the world wanted to keep up to date with Brody’s progress. As such, Medeiros opened an official Instagram page, @bpdk9brody. So far, over 70,000 have watched a short clip of little Brody asleep during his ceremony! So, it seems that Brody continues to work from home during the pandemic, just like the rest of us!

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