Prince Charles Tests Positive For Coronavirus; “In Good Health”

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Prince Charles Coronavirus
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Royal Family member Prince Charles, 71, test positive for coronavirus on Tuesday. As of this writing, he is in self-isolation and “doing well.” Meanwhile, other members of the Royal Family, including the Queen, remain under careful care. Read on to find out all the facts you need to know about this latest COVID-19 update…

Prince Charles Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Prince Charles Coronavirus
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As we’ve reported before, many celebrities and star athletes have now tested positive for the coronavirus. And, as the pandemic continues to spread, we can add more names to that list. Earlier this week, news broke that Prince Charles, son of Queen Elizabeth and first heir to the throne, test positive for COVID-19.

News outlets reported that Prince Charles had displayed “mild symptoms” over the weekend, leading to the test. As Charles is over 60-years-old, at 71, meaning he is part of the high-risk group. However, according to the BBC and the palace, he remains in “good health” as of this writing.


Royal Family Coronavirus
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Now, Prince Charles and Camilla will both self-isolate, separately. While they will both stay in their massive home in Scotland they will not be in contact with one another. Meanwhile, a number of Prince Phillip’s staff, any who he recently came in contact with, will also self isolate in their homes. Of course, all of them are extremely grateful that Charles and Camilla seem not to have been too hard hit by the disease, as of yet.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels happy to know that Charles is feeling well. In fact, some are furious that he even recieved a test. As the BBC reported, tweets poured in that one of the United Kingdom’s few tests should not have been used on someone with only “mild symptoms.” However, since Prince Charles is part of the high-risk group – and part of the Royal Family – most agreed that the test was well deserved.

The Queen Is “Doing Well”

Royal Family Coronavirus
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Many across the UK feel relieved to know that Prince Charles feels well. However, many could not help but consider her Her Royal Majesty, who is 92 years old. The last time Charles came in contact with the Queen was on March 12, during the Commonwealth Day Service. It has been nearly two weeks since, and neither the Queen nor Prince Philip (98) have shown any symptoms of the virus. Last week, the Queen moved to Windsor Castle, where she and Philip live, in order to enter lockdown. They’re under “particular” care, and their health is being carefully monitored during the pandemic. Meanwhile, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and their son Archie are currently on lockdown in their temporary Vancouver Island home in Canada.

A spokesperson on behalf of the palace reported that Queen Elizabeth has spoken with Prince Charles and the rest of her family, including Harry and Meghan, and said that all are doing well and in “good spirits.”

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