Meghan’s Royal Baby Shower: Everything You Need To Know

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Meghan Markle Baby Shower

Duchess Meghan Markle is due in this summer! And each new day, the world buzzes more and more with news and excitement for the royal birth. Recently, royals followers received something they’ve always wanted: a glimpse at a royal baby shower. This past month, Markle threw an intimate royal baby shower with her closest (and super famous) friends! Who went and what did they do? More importantly: why wasn’t Duchess Kate there? Here’s everything you need to know about Meghan Markle’s baby shower!

The $200,000 Royal Baby Shower

Meghan Markle Royal Baby Shower
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The world is looking forward to meeting the next royal baby – Prince Harry and Meghan’s firstborn. Everyone’s gone crazy with baby-fever, and Meghan Markle’s royal baby shower certainly made everyone ooh and ahh. Typically, royal followers receive little information about royal baby showers. However, due to the shower’s location and Markle’s star power, fans received an unprecedented look this year!

On February 20, Markle threw an intimate shower, inviting 15 of her closest friends. The duchess flew to New York, and held the event in the luxury Mark Hotel penthouse suite, which reportedly cost $100,000 a night! However, the costs do not end there, of course. Royal experts estimate the entire event cost over $200,000! The occasion threw fans, paparazzi, and reporters into a frenzy – it was an incredibly exclusive event, with no photographers or news outlets invited. Thankfully, journalists and photographers outside managed to catch something: who attended the private party!

Regular Activities For A Royal

Meghan Markle Royal Baby Shower
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Some of the guests invited included Serena Williams, Dr. Amal Clooney (above, left), and Gayle King (above, right), who shared some of the Duchess’ planned activities. King said they started off with a flower-arranging class, in which every guest made and decorated their own vase. Afterward, Markle donated leftover flowers to Repeat Roses, a charity which recycles flowers from events and gives them to shelters, hospitals, and more. King said that the Duchess’s thoughtful donation “speaks volume” of her character. Then, they played “dirty diapers” – decorating onesies, a typical baby shower activity.

Duchess Meghan is known to break tradition, and the royal baby shower was no exception. While the Duchess selected quite ordinary¬†shower activities, she didn’t open her gifts in front of guests. The reason? Markle wanted to wait until she reunited with Prince Harry, so they could open the presents together.

Where Was Duchess Kate?

Meghan Markle Royal Baby Shower
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Ever since Meghan joined the royal family, many have tried to find evidence of a purported “beef” between her and Duchess Kate. As if one could ever take the place of the other! However, the royal baby shower certainly added some fuel to the fire. Duchess Kate was not present at the shower – and this sent rumors flying. Was Kate angry at Meghan? The other way around?

However, if you stop for a minute to think about it: even if there is a feud, they’d never air their dirty laundry in public. They are royals! Queen Elizabeth would never allow it! But, as mentioned before, crowds love drama and gossip and people began speculating. There’s actually an explanation for Kate’s absence: the royal baby shower collided with Kate’s schedule. Prince William and Kate’s children’s are on their half-term break from school, and reports say they were on a “much-needed” family vacation, which overlapped with Meghan’s shower.

Not only are the two Duchesses on good terms, but reports say Kate will host Meghan’s UK-based baby shower. Baby showers aren’t widespread outside the US, but we’re sure Kate will throw a beautiful and intimate shower to make her sister-in-law feel right at home. Even though we weren’t invited to the New York shower, we’ll be waiting for our invites for the UK one…