Woman Starts Incredible “Scarf-Bombing” Campaign

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One Good Deed/Facebook

One Minnesota woman started an entire charity movement: “scarf-bombing.” Now, its become the coolest way to keep those-in-need warm during this winter season! Here’s everything you need to know about the cause, and how you can become involved!

What Is Scarf-Bombing?

Scarf Bombing Campaign

For those not in the know, “scarf-bombing” provides for those most in need during the winter season: the homeless. To scarf-bomb, someone simply buys or knits scarves (and other winter wear), and then hangs it in a public place for anyone who needs to warm up. The “bombings” refer to the mass amount of scarves that pop-up each time someone organizes a scarf-bombing. As you can see in the photo above, it often looks like a winterwear factory just exploded on the streets!

The idea came to 49-year-old Michelle Ungerman Christensen a few months ago, after she read a story about homeless people wrapping themselves with art installations to keep warm. Afterward, Christensen knew she needed to do something. So, she created One Good Deed, a non-profit organization to help those in need stay warm. However, she had no idea how quickly it would all take off…

“I’m Not Lost. I’m Yours”

One Good Deed/Facebook

After Christensen dropped off a few scarves on her own and saw the impact it had, she realized she needed to rally more people. So, last winter, she managed to get 40 people to scarf-bomb Minneapolis’ Loring Park and St. Paul’s Kellogg Park. However, while at the parks, their numbers quickly grew. Believe it or not, passerbys found it so inspiring that some stopped in their tracks and took off their jackets to help the cause!

The clothes were tied around poles, benches, trees, and anything that could keep the clothing items off the ground. A tag was attached to each item, saying, “Take me! I’m Not Lost. I’m Yours.” Afterward, in the following months, the movement continued to grow. “You attract what you are. I try to be the best person I can be, so good people surround me,” Christensen said.

“Nothing Else Matters But Kindness”

Scarf Bombing Campaign
Kim Hyatt/Star Tribune, One Good Deed/Facebook

Christensen had no idea the massive impact her first major scarf-bombing would have. A few days after their visit to the parks, Christensen returned to make sure no tags had fallen off. There, she found a shocking site: all the clothes were gone. Homeless from all around had already come and picked up the items, protecting themselves against the harsh winters.

Christensen’s actions have helped raise awareness and bring in more and more people – and clothes! “One Good Deed came to be because people just really became super-engaged and realized that kindness is incredibly fulfilling and very easy,” Christensen shared. “That was the prime directive. Nothing else mattered but the kindness. It started off as my dream, and now it’s become their dream, too.”

To donate and/or find out more about how you can be a part of this great cause, you can visit One Good Deed’s Facebook page.

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