UK Honors US Secret Service Dog For Protecting The White House

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Secret Service Dog
Peter Summers

Occasionally, something so incredible happens that people around the world come together in celebration. After protecting the White House and the president, Hurricane, a U.S. secret service dog, received the highest honor from the United Kingdom.

The Secret Service Dog Who Saved The President

Hurricane Award
US Embassy London/Twitter

On October 22, 2014, during the presidency of Barack Obama, someone broke into the White House. After hoping the fence, the intruder made their way towards the main building. That’s when Hurricane, a black Belgian Malinois Special Operations dog, did precisely as he’s trained: the Secret Service dog took down the criminal, saving the day and president. Hurricane lunged, who, by that point, had already passed the last guard outside the White House. Then, the dog tripped him and pushed him back to the perimeter fence, holding the criminal there.

And so, earlier this week, Hurricane received the Order of Merit from the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals. The British veterinary charity says it’s an award “equivalent of the Royal Order of the British Empire,” meaning the highest order a dog (or a human) could receive.

Following The Legacy Of Other Brave Service Animals

Secret Service Dog
Peter Summers

The brave dog and his trainer Marshall Mirarchi are a part of the Secret Service’s Emergency Response Team, who specifically train for these incidents and emergencies. They’ve been working together since 2012, and have formed an incredible bond. Then, in 2016, Hurricane retired, and Mirarchi knew what to do. The trainer took him in, becoming his owner, and they’ve remained inseparable ever since.

Hurricane is the first international canine to receive the Order award and the 31st animal overall. In the past, the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals have awarded 19 dogs and 12 horses, all from the UK, the honor. These incredible animals include some Metropolitan Police Dogs who were on the scene following the 2017 London terrorist attacks.

“He Went In So That We Didn’t Have To”

The Order of the Merit “recognizes animals who display outstanding devotion above and beyond normal companionship and animal acts that symbolize their special relationship with humans.” The award might sound strange or foreign to some; however, it’s necessary. These animals are incredibly loyal and dedicated to saving lives, so they deserve the spotlight now and again.

Mirarchi shared his thoughts and feelings after receiving the award. “It was very hard to watch. I’ve never had to see my dog get hit like that, slammed like that, kicked, punched. He was cut up pretty good from the fight. I knew it was bad. Hurricane went in and did that, so we didn’t have to.”

The amazing trainer concluded: “If I ever had to choose between me or him, I would choose him. And that an easy choice to make because he would choose me – he did choose me.”

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