At 102-Years-Old, New York Woman Beats The Coronavirus — Twice

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Senior Woman Beats Coronavirus Twice
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The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious one, especially knowing that people can get sick for the second time. This senior woman managed to beat the coronavirus not once, but twice, and then celebrate her 102nd birthday!

Remaining Strong, No Matter What

Angelina Friedman COVID-19
North Westchester Restorative Therapy And Nursing Center

Angelina Friedman, a senior from New York, first battle with coronavirus came in March. While she didn’t have any of the signs of COVID-19, a routine test came back positive! “She was never really symptomatic the first time around. The worst symptom she had was a fever that lasted maybe 10 days,” her daughter, Joanne Merola, said. Other than a slight fever, Friedman sailed through her first encounter with the coronavirus. Soon enough, she returned to her home, North Westchester Restorative Therapy and Nursing Center, testing negative in April.

Unfortunately, Friedman started feeling in once again in October. Sadly, it turned out to be another case of the coronavirus. However, this time around, Friedman’s situation worsened considerably. “She had a cough, she was lethargic, she had a fever again,” Merola said. “The first time you wouldn’t know she was sick,” Merola said. Even worse, this occurred just days before her 102nd birthday! The nursing home moved her to the isolated room and had the woman treated for the virus. It was a hellish time, to be sure. Thankfully, Friedman managed to emerge healthy on the other side! Now, just weeks later, her daughter says her mother has already returned to her regular, chatty self.

Meanwhile, through her battle, Friedman has become an inspiration all around the world…

Beating The Coronavirus Twice

Senior Woman Beats Coronavirus Twice
North Westchester Restorative Therapy And Nursing Center

It’s not just her conquering of the coronavirus that has turned Friedman into an icon. She also has quite the life story! She was born in 1918, amid the Spanish Flu pandemic – onboard a ship carrying immigrants to America. Talk about a tale! Later in life, both Friedman and her husband battled with cancer, but Merola’s father sadly lost the long battle. Her mother, on the other hand, beat the cancer and now remains the last child alive out of her and ten siblings.

Despite her age and being almost blind and deaf, the elderly woman is one of the brightest and most fun nursing home members. She loves knitting and crocheting, and always makes fun things for the staff and the visitors. Last year, Friedman gathered all her friends and relatives at a big birthday party. Moreover, she received a crown for becoming a prom queen!

“My mom has been through so much in her life. You just can’t give up. You have to fight. My mother’s got the will to stay alive as I’ve never seen before,” Merola said.

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