Son Saves Father’s Failing Donut Shop With A Single Tweet

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Son Saves Dad's Donut Shop
Billy’s Donuts/Instagram

Whether for better or worse, social media is everywhere now. And, without a doubt, it completely changed our lives, forever. And while it can often make things worse, a well-timed tweet or post can occasionally be a lifesaver. One day, a donut shop owner’s son tweeted about how sad it made the entire family that his store star completely empty. Then, the internet did what it does best! Read on to see just how many people came out to support the donut shop!

A Passion For Donuts

Donut Shop
Billy’s Donuts/Instagram

Donuts seem like they should be straight forward. Delicious dough, deep fried, and covered in frosting. However, the donut shop business can get tricky!  Even though it’s a sweet, sticky treat we all love, it doesn’t always sell. Just ask Satharith By, who owns Billy’s Donuts in Missouri City, Texas, just outside of Houston. By previously owned a donut shop in Southern California and it did well. Unfortunately, By’s mother fell ill, and he needed to sell his store and move.

Thankfully, after a little while, By’s mother made a full recovery. Happy, he decided to open a new donut shop, named Billy’s Donuts, in Missouri City. By hoped that his new shop would become just as popular and successful as his previous store. However, almost no customers came in during the shop’s opening week.

An Empty Donut Shop

Son Saves Dad's Donut Shop
Billy’s Donuts/Twitter

Just like he did in his previous store, By woke up every morning to start working in his donut shop. Each delicious pastry is made by hand, every single day, unlike some shops that use frozen, premade donuts. Still, no customers walked into Billy’s Donuts. By was heartbroken. So, his son, Billy – who the shop is named after – decided to share the unfortunate reality of his father’s hard work on Twitter. He uploaded a few pics of his father’s incredible donuts, alongside sad photos of his dad and his shop. “My dad is sad cause no one is coming to his new donut shop,” he captioned the photos.

And so, Twitter did what Twitter does best, albeit rarely: it actually helped! Billy’s tweet picked up steam fast, with users re-tweeting it over 300,000 times! Twitter’s company account also shared it, as well as Hollywood actor James Woods. Talk about star power! And it didn’t end there. Twitter didn’t just retweet Billy’s message about his father’s donut shop. Twitter staff also stopped by the shop to support the small business, take a photo, and try some delicious donuts.

“This Means So Much To My Family”

Son Saves Dad's Donut Shop
Billy’s Donuts/Instagram

As you can imagine, By was extremely touched and overwhelmed by everyone’s actions and support. “We completely sold out of donuts and kolaches! You are all amazing. I can’t thank everyone enough for coming out and supporting local businesses. This means so much to my family,” By said in the following days.

Within days, the donut hop’s social accounts received thousands of followers, as well as a steady stream of customers. It’s incredible what social media can do when it is used in a positive way!