Spice Girls Will Reunite For 2019 UK Tour, Without Posh Spice

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Spice Girls
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For years, have been telling the Spice Girls what they want, what they really, really want: a Spice Girls reunion. Now, it’s finally happening, sort of. Ginger, Baby, Scary, Sporty, almost all the girls are back in town. Everyone but Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) is joining for a tour next year. Why isn’t Posh going on tour and where will the shows be? Read on to find out more!

Breaking Spice News

Spice Girls
Spice Girls Net/Instagram

Earlier this month, the long-due miracle occurred: the Spice Girls announced a reunion tour! The girls will perform a six-date UK stadium tour, starting June 1, 2019.

Ginger, Baby, Sporty, and Scary – Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, and Melanie Brown, respectively – announced the exciting statement on Twitter. In a hilarious video, titled “Breaking Spice News!” the four icons announced the launch of the ticket sales. Apparently, the four had been working on this for a while. In September, Melanie Brown confirmed with James Corden that they were working on a reunion tour. Additionally, the girls were dropping hints for the past year or so! Back In February, the girls talked about “exciting possibilities” for them, and how overwhelmed and touched they are about the desire people across the internet have for a reunion.

However, one piece of information was left out of all the previous hints. Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, will not be joining.

The Spice Girls Minus One

Posh Spice Victoria Beckham
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Where is Posh, you ask? One thing is for sure: she will not be joining the tour. On The Jonathan Ross Show, the band finally let fans know the reason behind the absence. Mel C said, “I saw Victoria recently, and obviously we’ve all been in contact, she is still very much a part of the Spice Girls, she really supports us and we really support her. But she did raise the point that she was never actually asked. We just presumed.”

Emma added, “She just didn’t want to do it. She was busy with her fashion and she has moved on. The philosophy of us is that we are a band, on and off the stage and we care for each other, we support each other and we support her and she has been a huge part of our lives and we care about her, so it’s all good.”

Beckham shared a photo of the band’s reunion tour photo and wrote, “Today marks a special day for the girls as they announce the first tour dates since we performed together in 2012! I won’t be joining my girls on stage again but being in the Spice Girls was a hugely important part of my life and I wish them so much love and fun as they go back on tour next year.”

Spicing Up Adele’s Life

Adele Spice Girls

Announcements like this often remind us that mega-celebs are human fans, just like us. While many celebrities tweeted or posted how excited they are about the reunion, the iconic Adele takes the cake. In case you didn’t know: Adele was, and still is, a huge Spice Girls fan. Once the news of the reunion broke, the 30-year-old singer uploaded an adorable photo of herself back when she was a wee kid, surrounded by Spice Girls posters (above). She captioned the photo, “HA! This is how I feel right now! I AM READY.” Adele is known for her love of the girls’ band, as she even performed the band’s song “Spice Up Your Life” in one of her concerts, back in 2016.

Albeit missing 1/5 of the Spices, we assume tickets will sell out, fast, and that the Spice Girls shows will be spectacular. What a time to be alive!