Scared and Stranded Dog Rescued From Bridge Above Mississippi River

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Stranded Dog Saved

When one bridge inspector started his day at work above the Mississippi River, he found a harrowing scene. A dog had managed to find itself stuck on the bridge, 120 feet above the raging river. Immediately, first responders launched a rescue effort…

A Stranded Dog On The Bridge

Puppy Rescued From Mississippi River

When starting his shift, bridge inspector Ryan Nataluk had no idea he’d become a savior by the end of the day. Yet, that’s precisely what happened! Everything started fine as Nataluk and his crew worked on the Natchez-Vidalia Bridge, which crosses the Mississippi River, 120 feet up. However, things took a turn for the worse when a team member found a sad, terrified puppy shivering on the bridge. “Craig called over the radio, ‘I see a dog!'” Nataluk said. At first, the two workers did not know what to do. “We’ve never seen a live dog before so at first I thought it was a raccoon.”

To make matters worse, the dog had somehow put herself in the worst possible position. Instead of sitting near the top of the bridge, she had managed to descend to the bridge’s lowest chord. One false move and the dog would plummet down to the river. Thankfully, Nataluk was just the man for the job! After all, he’s not only a simple bridge inspector. In addition to being the vice president and lead engineer for construction company Stantec, Nataluk also climbs mountains in his free time! “I go camping and climbing all over with my family and dog,” he said. “I’ve had to bring my own dog across rivers and even haul him up peaks and overtime I’ve figured out how to make makeshift harnesses.”

With police now on the scene, Nataluk descended, hoping to save his new furry friend…

A Savior From Above The Mississippi River

Stranded Dog Saved

Of course, to ensure his safety, Nataluk also called local law enforcement to inform them of the situation. By the time they arrived, the brave bridge inspector had already suited up and was preparing to rescue the dog. First, Nataluk attached himself to a beam and descended the bridge beam, as he had done many times before. Once he neared the dog, it seemed to brighten immediately, as if understanding the man meant to save her. “When we got her up there she just started walking immediately and wagging her tail,” said Nataluk. “You could tell she was really happy.”

That’s when Nataluk pulled a piece of cord from his kit and tied it around the pup’s body, a makeshift harness. Finally, he was ready to ascend back up. Meanwhile, on the bridge, police office John Fenly helped every step of the way. In fact, it was Fenly who finally pulled the dog to safety from Nataluk’s outstretched hand!

After local news aired a story about the rescue, Nataluk became an instant social media star. He simply thinks he was “in the right place at the right time!” He’s kept up with the local animal shelter, and the dog is now doing fine. “She is a very fortunate dog,” said Police Chief Walter Armstrong. “They need to name her Lucky.”

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