Shakeups In The DC World: ‘Superman’ Actor To Be Replaced

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A major shakeup is coming to the DC movie universe: producers will replace actor Henry Cavill, who currently portrays Superman. Cavill donned the red cape for three films from 2013 to 2017. However, now his time is up. There’s no confirmed replacement for the iconic role of Superman, but let’s go over the facts and the rumors!

Rumors & Exits

Superman Henry Cavill
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Cavill’s first turn as the legendary superhero was in 2013’s Man of Steel, quickly followed up by Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. Even though Superman was defeated at the end of the movie, it was quite obvious to everyone he’d return. Which he did, in 2017, in Justice League movie. Many expected him to return for the next Justice League film, but things didn’t turn out this way.

It is unknown exactly why Cavill is being replaced. One rumor has it that producers are no longer willing to make scheduling compromises. It is known that his filming schedule for the latest Mission: Impossible clashed with the filming of the Justice League production. Also, Cavill needed to grow a beard for Mission: Impossible and couldn’t shave it for the superhero movie.

Another reason is that reportedly, DC isn’t planning on making another Superman movie any time soon, but focusing on new Supergirl franchise. After many back-and-forths between Cavill’s team and DC, it was decided parting is the best option. But have no fear fans: Cavill is working on his new Netflix series, The Witcher, and probably multiple other projects.

Casting Superman: Outside Picks

The year is 2018; a traditional Man of Steel is not what the audience might be looking for. In the past few years, we’ve had major non-traditional superhero hits like Black Panther, Kickass, and The Incredibles – so perhaps producers and directors could be side-eyeing all sorts of options for a future Superman. Let’s be honest – they might not make a Superman movie in the next five years, but eventually, they will.

Michael B. Jordan Superman
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So, the internet has some great options for Superman. One of our favorite picks is Michael B. Jordan! Best known as Erik Kilimonger in Black Panther, Jordan stands out more than others. Should he take on the part of the Last Son of Krypton, he would be the first African-American to do so, and we’re all for it. He’s also talented, skilled, and the audience loves him. Jordan is one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, which will create a crazy buzz for both DC and Warner Bros.

John Krasinski Superman
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Another unconventional option is none other than John Krasinski. Known best for his iconic part as Jim in The Office, Krasinski also proved his directorial skills in his first horror film, A Quiet Place. Currently, Krasinski stars in Amazon’s new adaptation of the Jack Ryan spy novels. The guy is talented, can do both drama and comedy, and he’s got a flair for action. He’d definitely bring something new to the stereotypical idea of Superman: warmth and a good sense of humor.

Casting Superman: More Traditional Choices

Armie Hammer Superman
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Let’s talk about Armie Hammer. Recently winning a Golden Globe for Call Me By Your Name, Hammer is now an in-demand actor. He’s versatile, taking on both comedy and drama regularly, and both critics and audiences love him. And Hammer already has some experience playing iconic roles! He was going to portray Batman in the ultimately unmade Justice League: Mortal. He also took on the titular character in the failed Lone Ranger film. However, lately, Hammer’s role choices have focused on more dramatic, indie roles.

Theo James Superman
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Theo James might not be the most recognizable name in Hollywood, but he did showcase his superhero movie tendencies in the Divergent and Underworld film series’. Besides, he’s got that stoic gaze and facial structure we imagine Superman has. Casting a less-known face might be a good choice, as Cavill was also relatively unknown when he donned the cape. James comes from more indie projects, but can definitely adapt to mainstream Hollywood.

We’ll patiently wait for more DC Projects, but we’re definitely eager to know who would the studios pick.