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Sylvester Stallone Hints That He’s Retiring The ‘Rocky’ Character

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Since first stepping into the boxer’s shoes in 1976, Sylvester Stallone has been Rocky Balboa. For over 40 years, the actor entertained millions through eight films. However, lately, the legendary actor has been dropping heavy hints of a soon-to-come retirement from his iconic role.

“An Ultimate Privilege”

Sylvester Stallone Rocky
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In a video he uploaded to Instagram a week ago, the legend Sylvester Stallone gave a touching speech, hinting about a future exit from the Rocky franchise. Stallone added a heartfelt caption, which read, “I just want to thank everyone around the whole wide world for taking the Rocky family into their hearts for over 40 years. It’s been my ultimate privilege to have been able to create and play this meaningful character. Though it breaks my heart, sadly all things must pass… and end. I love you kind and generous people, and the most wonderful thing of all is that Rocky will never die because he lives on in you…”

Sylvester Stallone Passing On The Mantle?

Sylvester Stallone Creed 2
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The video was apparently captured at a bonfire on the beach, at a gathering of the Creed II filming crew, giving us all a little behind the scenes action. For those who don’t know about Creed, it’s a spin-off the Rocky franchise. The first Creed came out in 2015, and it revolved around the life of Antonis Creed, played by Michael B. Jordan. Antonis is the son of Apollo Creed, a former rival as well as an old friend of Rocky Balboa. Stallone appears in the first Creed, as well as the second (which is now out in theatres).

In the video the iconic 72-year-old actor uploaded, he says, “I thought Rocky was over in 2006 and I was very happy with that. And then all of a sudden this young man presented himself,” Stallone indicates to Jordan, on camera. “And the whole story changed. It went on to a new generation, new problems, new adventures. Now [Jordan has] to carry the mantle.”

We’ve Heard It Before

Sylvester Stallone Rocky 4
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It’s hard to wrap our mind around, but there are overall six Rocky films, in addition to Creed I & II, where Stallone’s famous character appears. The first Rocky debuted in 1976, and the most recent one, Rocky Balboa, premiered thirty years later, in 2006.

As for Sylvester Stallone’s retirement, not everyone seemed so impressed. One of those people is Dolph Lundgren, who first appeared in the fourth Rocky movie in 1985 as Captain Ivan Drago and reprised the role in Creed II. In an appearance on Good Morning Britain, Lundgren said, “I’ve heard that before. I don’t really believe it, but we’ll see.”

Rocky fans are assuming there is a Creed III in the works – and why not? There were six Rockys! However, it might be without Stallone. The old-school Hollywood actor might have had enough of four decades as Mr. Balboa and would like to make a swift, graceful exit and continue on with his life (and perhaps to take on different acting challenges).