Taco Bell Employee Saves Life Of Man Passed Out In Drive-Thru

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Taco Bell Employee Saves Drive-Thru Customer
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Usually, Taco Bell goes viral for a new food item or some strange commercial. However, this time around, an employee has gone viral for saving the life of a customer! Discover the story of this young man who did everything and more for a customer…

Not A Usual Taco Bell Shift

Sonja Frazier

Sonja Frazier, 37, works at a Taco Bell in Clarksville, Tennessee. Last week, a weekday shift started as normal. However, about halfway through the shift, Frazier noticed that the drive-thru appeared empty, which made her suspicious. Checking the cameras, she and her manager finally figured out what was happening. “[We] saw a car was parked the wrong way,” Frazier said. “It looked like it’d rolled into the drive-thru line and was blocking it.”

Quickly, Frazier and a co-worker went outside to investigate. That’s when they discovered the driver of the car completely unconscious outside the Taco Bell. Thankfully, outside of the restaurant, Frazier also has six years of experience as a healthcare worker. “We opened the door and he was blue,” she stated. “I told [my co-worker] to park the car, and we both pulled him out and put him on the ground. I said to put him on his left side. His hands and fingertips were blue. I found a pulse, but it was real vague.” So, as her co-worker Johnathan called 911, Frazier began giving CPR, as best she could…

Forever Thankful

Taco Bell Employee Saves Drive-Thru Customer
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Frazier, above right, felt determined not to lose the man, even if meant risking catch the coronavirus. And its great she didn’t, because the CPR worked! “I pulled his jaw down. He gasped and I kept talking to him,” Frazier explained. “I asked Jonathan to see if he had a license so I could call him by name. I kept calling him by his last name and talking to him.” The ambulance arrived soon after, taking over. Meanwhile, the experience took its toll on the Taco Bell employee. “I went and smoked a cigarette and cried,” Frazier explained.

After a few hours to calm down, Frazier decided to look the man up on social media and check in on him. “I found him on Facebook – I couldn’t forget his face or name,” Frazier said. “He reached back out and said thank you. He said he wanted to repay me, but this is repayment enough to know he’s OK.” The man told her what happened to him before the accident, and even asked her out to lunch – though Frazier said she’ll pay for the meal herself. “Everything happens for a reason,” she said. The Taco Bell employee also wanted to thank her co-workers, Jonathan Jeanis and Anissa Stewart, for their help.

“I feel blessed,” Frazier added. “I feel I did what everyone would’ve done – I didn’t care about his race, politics, none of that. It never crossed my mind. It was his life, and he needed help.” Spot on!

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