The Oscars Might Air Without A Host For The First Time Since 1989

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Six weeks before the Oscars, and there is no host in sight for the most important awards show. Previously, the Academy announced Kevin Hart would be the host. However, after a series of old tweet came to light, Hart stepped down from the gig. So what will become of the 2019 Oscars?

Who Will Host The Oscars In 2019?

The Oscars Kevin Hart

After the Kevin Hart debacle, 2019 could prove to be the first hostless Oscar night in three decades. Some of the most famous hosts are Billy Crystal, who hosted the awards nine times, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres, Anne Hathaway and James Franco, and Steve Martin.

Hart, a comedian and movie star, announced he would host the ceremony, airing February 24th, back in December. However, soon after Twitter users discovered a series of homophobic comments on Hart’s twitter account from a couple of years ago. Within days, Hart stepped down to “avoid controversy.” After an appearance on Ellen, where she championed the comedians love for the LGBTQ community, some through producers might take him back. Unfortunately, Hart refuses to apologize for the tweets, so the Academy moved on. To date, there are no new hosts announced, and many sources report that the Academy is seriously considering a hostless show.

The last time the show aired without a host was 1989. Unfortunately, most remember this Oscar night as a complete failure…

The 1989 Disastrous Oscars

The Oscars Hostless

Many remember the 1989 Oscars as a train wreck. It didn’t start out this way, though; there was just no opening monologue or skits and bits in between award presentations. And that was fine, things went smoothly…until a bizarre skit performed by a young Rob Lowe. It involved Lowe and Snow White, portrayed by an unknown actress, performing a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revivals’ “Proud Mary.” Viewers found the skit awkward, cheesy, and off-putting. It even resulted in┬áThe Walt Disney Company suing the Academy for their use of Snow White!

Another skit, titled, “I Want To Be An Oscar Winner,” was also disliked. Afterward, 17 Hollywood giants, including Julie Andrews and Paul Newman, wrote an open letter to the show’s producer, Allan Carr, demanding a host for the next year’s ceremony. And ever since, The Oscars features a host.

Why Is Finding A Host So Difficult?

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Apparently, it’s challenging finding a host for the Oscars. There are numerous reasons – the top one, from the hosts’ point of view, is the pressure of the job. It involves a lot of preparations, such as memorizing monologues, and practicing dance routines, songs, and skits. Most importantly – the job puts a huge spotlight on the host! Viewers scrutinize and analyze every word and joke; some say it can break people’s careers. Yet another reason is the paycheck: reports say the host receives $15,000 for the gig, even though it requires a lot of work and responsibility.

From the Oscars producers’ point of view, there’s a lot of demands. The host (or hosts) needs to be funny, witty, and controversy-less. When Seth MacFarlane (2013) and Jon Stewart (2006, 2008) hosted the Oscars, producers received backlash for the hosts’ skits and appearance. It’s hard finding a host that audiences – young and old – will love and connect to. Finally, there’s also the important factor of rating – the 2018 Oscars had the lowest ratings in the past decade.

Finding this balance seems almost impossible, and it looks like Oscars producers are running out of ideas. Every year, the Oscars air in over 225 countries, with millions of people watching. Perhaps, if the producers can not find a host, the Oscars will be short and sweet, managing to respect both the nominees and the audience watching.