Fans Flock to House That Inspired ‘The Watcher’

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Fans Flock to House That Inspired 'The Watcher' - 0

Since the mini-series has debuted on Netflix, The Watcher house become a local attraction, bringing dozens of visitors to Westfield. Yet, the neighborhood is not happy about the constant traffic surrounding the 657 Boulevard home.

The Watcher House On The Radar

Fans Flock to House That Inspired 'The Watcher' - 1

Right after the show’s premiere on one of the biggest streaming platforms, Netflix, The Watcher house has received a ton of personal attention. Situated on 657 Boulevard in Westfield, the home became a huge inspiration for the mini-series – and prompted hundreds of fans to flock to the local neighborhood. “I just thought I would come because of how interesting the story was,” said Pradeep Soni from Franklin, Somerset County. He drove 25 minutes straight to take a close look at the infamous house. “The house is nice though. It’s not creepy or anything,” he ended up commenting. Louise Evans, who comes from New Providence and moved to the United Kingdom, wanted to check it out, too. “It’s just a really interesting story,” she said.

“I lived in New Providence when this was all happening, so now that I’m visiting friends here, I thought, ‘let’s see the house.’” Yet, they and other fans were met with police officers and yellow tape when they came closer to The Watcher house. Moreover, the place was barricaded to prevent trespassing. When driving by, residents of the neighborhood shouted at the new visitors. “Go home” and other words were heard on the street. “We are all concerned for the family living there now and their neighbors,” said resident Trish Dulinkski. Right now, she and many other residents wonder how much time will pass until the situation goes back to normal.

Based On Horrifying True Events

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Interestingly enough, the filming space chosen for the series was moved from the original The Watcher house to another place in Rye, New York. Yet, everything happening in the show was inspired by real events in Westfield. In 2014, Maria and Derek Broaddus bought a six-bedroom home for $1.3 million. Yet, they would never move in… all because of the threatening letters coming into their inbox. “Do you need to fill the house with the young blood I requested? Once I know their names I will call to them and draw them to me. I asked the [prior owners] to bring me young blood,” one of the letters said.The Broadduses tried to sue the previous owners of The Watcher House but the legal battle didn’t lead anywhere.

That said, the watcher or the person behind the letters has never been found. The Broadduses tried to sell the house a few years after purchasing it, then wanted to raze it. Yet, the township planning board rejected the family’s idea, stating that the house was “magnificent.” When renting it out in 2017, they never told their tenant about the scary lore surrounding the watcher of the neighborhood. The letters continued even with the temporary occupant of the space, and Westfield Police couldn’t even put their finger on the suspect. “At best there were persons of interest,” Westfield police Chief David Wayman said. “We’re still actively investigating this case.”

The family sold the house in 2019. Now, The Watcher house is just a mere attraction, which upsets the neighbors. “I think the show doesn’t do wonders for placing our little, but amazing town in a negative light,” concluded Sabina Schutt, one of the town residents.

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