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#TrashtagChallenge: The Viral Internet Challenge That’s Making A Positive Impact

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Trashtag Challenge
Trash Hero Koh Adang/Facebook

Over the years, people have created some dumb internet challenges. The Tide Pod Challenge, the Cinnamon Challenge, the Duct Tape Challenge, the list goes on. Thankfully, someone finally created a positive internet challenge! One man’s initiative – the Trashtag Challenge – made hundreds of thousands of teenagers around the world go outside and clean up. Here’s the most amazing viral challenge of 2019, by far!

Meet The Man Behind Trashtag

Trashtag Challenge
Byron Román/Facebook

Social media is a massive part of our lives. However, it rarely brings positive change, unfortunately. So, Byron Román, a local Arizona man, decided to take “viral challenges” to the next level, by making a positive one. A few weeks ago, he created the “Trashtag Challenge, through a post on Facebook. In the post, he wrote “here is a new #challenge for all you bored teens. Take a photo of an area that needs some cleaning or maintenance, then take a photo after you have done something about it, and post it.” In addition to the rules, he provided the above photo as a reference.

Román wanted his message to spread all over the world. However, at first, it got a middling response. Then, a Guatemalan friend shared the original post alongside a Spanish translation. After that, the post really took off. And the responses were incredible…

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Responses

Trashtag Challenge
xgreenwayx/Instagram, swissbelresorttanjungbinga/Instagram

Román said bored teens are the “worst” thing you can have. “So, I thought, maybe someone will pick up the challenge and do something positive about it,” he later said in an interview with Time Magazine. Román also mentioned he wanted to bring people together in an outdoor activity.

Amazingly, his actions did inspire change. Lots of it! The day after his friend share the post, over 320,000 others shared the post, spreading it around the world. Additionally, as of this writing, there are over 86,000 posts marked #trashtag on Instagram! If you type “trashtag” in the Instagram search bar, you will behold thousands upon thousands of pictures of teens and people – individuals, in groups, from organizations – all over the world with massive amounts of full trash bags. It’s safe to say this viral challenge will stay around for a while. Pressure from social media and peers and often become negative, quick. This time around, however, the internet used it for environmental good!

Keep Cleaning And Recycling!

Trashtag Challenge
Byron Román/Facebook

Román (pictured above, second from the left) is absolutely delighted his original post took off in the way it did. In fact, he did his own Trashtag Challenge and posted it on Facebook! However, he still believes the best way to keep our environment clean, besides tidying up, is not to generate more garbage. Román is an enthusiastic advocate for recycling and reusing, and encourages people to keep cleaning and posting. So reduce, reuse, and recycle, everyone! And, if you feel like it, grab some friends and have your own Trashtag Challenge day!