Usain Bolt Amazes Everyone After Scoring Two Goals In His First Soccer Match

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Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt became an international superstar during the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing. There, he amazed everyone while winning medal after medal. Although that might be enough for most, Bolt wants more. The nine-time Olympic champion just keeps on going and is now attempting to become a professional soccer player.

Giving Usain Bolt A Chance

Usain Bolt
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After proving again and again that he is one of the most incredible athletes to have ever set foot on this planet, Usain Bolt retired in 2017. Later, he decided to give soccer a try, stating it was always a “dream.” For his second career (how many people can say that at the age of 32?), Bolt trained with teams in Norway, Germany, and South Africa.

More recently, the Jamaican runner-turned-soccer-player joined an Australian soccer team, Central Coast Mariners. Currently, Bolt is on an “indefinite training period” with the Australian team, meaning he is not a permanent, contracted member of the team. Before participating in his first game, Bolt had pre-season appearances (the official season began earlier this week), but on the bench. It is thanks to coach Mike Mulvey, who decided to give Bolt this chance to play the field, that his true potential was finally realized. And let’s just say, he did not disappoint.

The Lightning Bolt Strikes Again

Usain Bolt
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Playing the left-winger position, Usain Bolt scored two goals in his first match on October 15th. Naturally, after each goal, Bolt struck his famous celebratory signature gesture, the “lightning bolt.”

On his first game and achievements, Bolt said to Fox Sports, “My first start and scoring two goals, it’s a good feeling. I’m happy I could come here and show the world I’m improving. I’m keen to be a Mariner, to play my best and get into the team.”

Soon after his debut, the athlete received not one, but two contract offers. The first came from the Maltese team Valletta F.C., which Bolt ultimately turned down. Next, the Mariners, his current team, offered him a permanent contract. As of this post, Bolt still has not accepted or declined the offer. However, Mariners’ management expects a decision “in a matter of days or weeks.”

The Athlete Who Does It All

Usain Bolt
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Just in case you forgot, here are just some of Usain Bolt’s accomplishments. He remains the record holder for 100 meter sprint, 4 × 100 meter relay, and 200 meter sprint. Additionally, he holds nine Olympic gold medals! Bolt also still holds the title for the most successful athlete of the IAAF World Championships in Athletics, which are considered nearly as challenging as the Olympics.

In addition to his athletic prowess, Bolt is also in the restaurant business! Tracks & Records, his restaurant chain, serves Jamaican food in a sports-bar setting. Since 2011, two Tracks & Records have opened in Jamaica, and the company is currently looking to expand to the United Kingdom. Whether its soccer or delicious food, we cannot wait to see what this superhuman has in store for us next!