Newborn Piglet Captures The Internet’s Heart With Adorable Photoshoot

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Viral Piglet Photoshoot
Cashlie Joy Photography

Photos with newborns are always adorable, but this piglet photoshoot is almost too much to handle! That’s right, a newborn piggy had its a celebratory photoshoot, and it’s incredibly adorable!

First Piglet Photoshoot

Baby Pig Pictures
Cashlie Joy Photography

Photographer Cashlie White from Oklahoma usually takes pictures of families, newborn children, and weddings. While she’s snapped a few photos of animals before, she never expected a piglet photoshoot! That’s until a few days ago when her friend, Connie Hamilton, brought home the tiny pig, Dynamite, as a pet. When Hamilton shared photos of Dynamite on social media, White instantly knew that she needed to take professional pictures of the adorable creature!

“I usually don’t do pictures of pigs,” White said. However, once the idea took hold, White could not get rid of it. Meanwhile, Hamilton, who breeds pigs for both competitions and as pets, loved the idea. With Hamilton’s help, everything went smoothly! “She got a bath before the shoot and I used all of my newborn ‘shoosh-ing’ and swaddling tricks, just like a regular newborn session and she went to sleep in my arms!” White wrote on Facebook, captioning the heartwarming pictures. “We kept her warm and the room quiet and she was OUT and in Hog Heaven! After the shoot, she woke up and was on the run back to momma!”

The Little Pig Goes Viral!

Viral Piglet Photoshoot
Cashlie Joy Photography

“With any newborn session, I have a small little space heater … kind of just keep them warm and cozy. And that’s what I did with the pig,” White said. She shared the pictures on the Cashlie Joy Photography Facebook page, hoping that they would touch a few people’s hearts. She could never have expected the massive responses the piglet photos would receive. Within hours, the images had hundreds of shares and thousands of comments! They truly took the internet by storm!

“I’m blown away by the response to this fun shoot!” White wrote in response to the post’s viral nature. When people asked the photographer how she snapped such great pictures, she credited to Hamilton’s help and growing up with animals. Even now, the White family has a dog and a bunny!

Of course, White loves the overwhelming response and countless shares, as they have helped her photography business considerably. Unfortunately, she quit her day job to become a photographer just months before coronavirus hit. Thankfully, White’s finally back to taking amazing photos now! “We’re trying the best we can, especially in Oklahoma, to get our lives back on track and, you know, get some type of normalcy,” she said. “And it just looks a little different than it did before.”

Meanwhile, White said that she’d love to do more animal photoshoots in the future. She reassured her new fans that she’d take more baby animal pictures, and share them on social media, as soon as possible!

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