College Students Raise Money For Wendy’s Employee Facing Homelessness

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College Students Wendy's Employee Homeless

These days, when the world feels turbulent and chaotic, it’s stories like these that will keep your heart warm and your mind at ease. Two university students found out a beloved Wendy’s employee might become homeless – so they set up a fundraiser for him! In the end, everyone in the community felt moved by the incredible action…

The Beloved Wendy’s Employee Who Was Almost Homeless

College Students Wendy's Employee Homeless
Malcolm Coleman III/Facebook

Robert Caldaroni and Alexis Braz are two University of South Carolina students that thoroughly enjoy their local Wendy’s. While they love the food, the two students also go to see a beloved employee, who has become something of a “local celebrity.” The worker is Malcolm Coleman, seen above, an energetic and happy young man who always greets everyone with a smile.

One day, however, the students learned that Coleman’s house, which he shares with his mother, burned down after an electrical fire broke out. As a result, Coleman had stacks of bills to pay, little money, and no home, meaning he could possibly become homeless. Meanwhile, Coleman and his mother stay at friends’ and relatives’ houses with no permanent roof over their heads. Upon finding out about the Wendy’s employee’s troubles, Caldaroni and Braz did not skip a beat: they immediately created a GoFundMe for Coleman!

Mission: Malcolm

College Students Wendy's Employee Homeless

“Malcolm’s incredible interpersonal skills are paired with the uncanny ability to remember the name of every student who places an order. He strives to make a connection with every single student in a truly unique way,” the two students wrote on the page, entitled “Mission Malcolm.”

The page also shared the tragic events of last year and the continued struggle Coleman faces every day. “[Coleman] clocks into work every night to continue taking care of his mother and puts a small portion of his check towards maybe one day being able to return home,” the page continued. Coleman also shared his experience and emotions in a Facebook post: “Last year was a[n] immensely traumatic and rough year for my mama and I. My dad died last summer as well. We are both still grieving and processing his earthly departure.”

Despite all of these hardships, the smile never seemed to leave Coleman’s face, and his friendly demeanor stayed put. “I don’t think it’s possible to have a conversation with Malcolm without smiling at some point,” Braz said in an interview with CNN. Initially, Caldaroni and Braz have set up the GoFundMe with a goal of $75,000 for Coleman and his mother at $75,000. This would cover any bills and repairs needed. As of this writing, they have raised nearly $40,000!

“I’m At Awe”

“I do not take any donation lightly because I know a lot of us work extremely hard to make a living,” Coleman said in a recent update to the GoFunMe page. “This month mark[s] my 15th year anniversary working in the fast-food industry. It’s beyond humbling all of my hard work, all that I bring to the table, and just being myself is valued and appreciated. I’m still in awe of all the love I stand on.”

If you have any money that you would like to use to support Coleman during these trying times, please head over to his GoFundMe.

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