71-Year-Old Beats Planking World Record, And Much More From A Record-Breaking Week

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World Record Week
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Last week became a world record week for breaking world records! In one single week, three new world record holders emerged. Believe us, you won’t believe the strength, love, and determination some people have for their careers and passions. Read on to discover the three astounding achievements…

World Record #1: Longest Usable Club Swing

Golf World Record Longest Club
Paul Hinman/SportsDay

Let’s begin with the strangest of three record-breaking attempts. In sports news, Mike Furrh, from Arlington, Virginia broke a golf world record this week. He swung the world’s longest (usable) club last week at the Squaw Creek Golf Course in Willow Park, beating the previous record by 65 feet.

However, Furrh did not beat the record alone! Alongside Furrh, Mike Rausch from Fort Worth, Texas, also successfully hit a golf ball with the world’s longest club, measuring 49.3-foot driver on the range. They both hit the ball 145 feet, beating the previous record, 37 feet, 1-inch, by 65 feet. In an even stranger turn of news, the previous world record was set by none other than Blackish actor, Anthony Anderson, in 2018. Guinness will officially verify the record two months from now, and proclaim Furrh as the new world record holder. Congrats!

World Record #2: Fastest Travel Time To All Boston Stations

Boston Transit MBTA World Record
David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Most people have pretty standard hobbies: yoga, knitting, reading, maybe horseback riding. Few, if any, elect to spend more time than necessary on public transportation. Alex Cox and Dominic DiLuzio are different, however. They’re transit enthusiasts who love hopping from place to place as quickly as possible. And this week, they managed to break a world record while doing it!

Last week, the duo officially received the Guinness title “Fastest time travel to all Boston subway stations.” Cox and DiLuzio traveled across to all MBTA’s stations, spread across 1,193 miles of track, in 7 hours, 29 minutes and 46 seconds!

World Record #3: Longest Plank Held

71 Year Old Plank World Record
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We’ll finish off this record-breaking week with the most impressive story of all, one you’ll need to remember the next time you’re too lazy to go to the gym. Trust us, Andy Steinfeldt does not want to hear it! Last week, he broke the world record for longest plank, holding one for a whopping 38 minutes! Oh, and did we mention Steinfeldt is 71-years-old? However, his age is only a part of what makes Steinfeldt’s story so amazing. In addition to likely being the greatest 71-year-old athlete on earth, Steinfeldt is also battling prostate cancer. Thankfully, he uses his situation for good, currently working as a motivational speaker.

Plank World Record 71 Year Old
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According to reports, even though Guinness World Records has yet to verify the record, the video evidence is clear: the young at heart athlete broke the world record planking at his age group training in Sabes Jewish Community Center in Saint Louis Park. The previous winning record was for 36 minutes and 58 seconds.

As for us, we’ll continue to try and break the world records for most Cheerios eaten and most cat videos watched.