“Knives Out” Sequel “Glass Onion” Is Coming to Netflix

Filmmaker Rian Johnson’s Knives Out became a universal hit after debuting in 2019. Now, the Knives Out sequel is ready for its winter premiere: what should we expect from the new Glass Onion film?

Viola Davis to Play A Villain in Hunger Games Prequel

In the upcoming Hunger Games prequel, Viola Davis will play one of the main evil characters. Dig into the exciting role of Volumnia Gaul.

Queen Elizabeth II Dies at 96

Queen Elizabeth II, who was the longest-serving monarch in the UK, died at 96 years old. People around the world are mourning her passing…

Blackpink’s Lisa Scores Historic VMAs Win

While we all had our eyes on ...

Nepal Tigers Come Back From the Brink of Extinction

Nepal tigers have finally left their extinct label behind. Take a look at the incredible efforts of wildlife communities who saved the tiger species.


All You Need to Know About Jello Skin

Created by TikTok influencer Ava Lee, jello skin is a trend that focuses on self-care. Find out how to achieve glowing bouncy jello skin on yourself!

University Offers First-Ever Degree in Happiness

Interested in higher education? How about getting a degree in happiness? That's right, you can now get a Master of Arts in Happiness Studies.

NYU Awards Taylor Swift Honorary Doctorate Degree

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has received an honorary doctorate from New York University. Read the musician’s powerful speech.


You Can Now Learn High Valyrian on Duolingo

If languages from around the world weren’t enough, you can now learn one from another universe. Duolingo has now given users High Valyrian courses — a language featured in the "Game of Thrones" prequel, "House of the Dragon."

BTS Members Set to Star in 5 Disney+ Shows

One of the biggest Korean pop groups of the decade is collaborating with Disney! A total of five shows will be available for streaming on Disney+. There, fans will be able to join the group at their concert, learn more about their success story, and much more.

Diet Coke Names Kate Moss as Creative Director

Style alert! Fashion and soda come together as Diet Coke celebrates its 40th anniversary by signing on Kate Moss as its Creative Director.


This Team of Rats is Training to be Heroes

You've heard of rescue dogs but what about rescue rats? This team of rescue rats is being trained to help humans with earthquakes, landmines, and diseases. Find out how these hero rats navigate such challenges.

Children’s Letters Boost Adoptions from Animal Shelter

The animal shelter collaborated with second-graders to make a change in the community. Find out how dogs and cats found their forever homes!

Think Wordle is Hard? Try These!

Wordle has taken the world by storm. But one challenge a day is hardly enough for some. Want more ways to test your skills? Try these World alternatives!


World-Breaking Ring Has 24,000 Diamonds

Created by a team of jewelers in India, this insane 24,000 diamond ring broke the world record. Take a look at the famous mushroom ring!

Grammys to Include Best Video Game Soundtrack Category

At last, video game music will be included in the Grammy Awards as a unique category. Learn more about the genre spreading across platforms.

CODA Makes Oscar History

CODA becomes the first movie from the streaming service to receive an Oscar! How would that affect filmmaking? Find out on Hashtag Chatter!


Beyonce to Release “Renaissance”

Six years after her last release, Beyoncé is coming out with a new album. Check out teasers for “Renaissance” on Hashtag Chatter!

HBO Eyeing Possible Jon Snow Spin-off

HBO is working on the seventh spin-off series based on Game of Thrones. Read more about the Jon Snow story in development.

Julia Garner Cast As Madonna in Biopic

Madonna finally found a perfect person to play herself in the official biopic. Take a look at Julia Garner, who will be the lead role in the Madonna biopic!