Woman Raises $85k for COVID-19 Relief by Climbing All of Colorado’s 14,000-Foot Peaks

This woman didn’t want to stay home amid coronavirus, so she went hiking in Colorado. She also used it as a way to raise money for those hurt by COVID-19!

Soldier Reunites Home With Dog She Met Serving Overseas

While serving overseas, this soldier found a dog that she fell in love with. When she returned home, she knew she needed to bring her furry friend along...

5-Year-Old Donates Baby Yoda Doll to Firefighters

A 5-year-old boy incredibly donated a doll of Baby Yoda to firefighters battling wildfires in the US. Now, the adorable toy has become a viral sensation...

Doctors Protest for Bikini Pictures in Viral Social Media Challenge

A recent study said it was inappropriate for doctors to post bikini pictures. Guess how female MDs protested - by posting bikini pics!

Police Detectives Help Replace Medals Vietnam Veteran Lost In Burglary

When a police detective found out that a fellow veteran had his hard-earned medals stolen, he did not stop until justice was served...

Photographer Develops Long-Lost Film Discovered In Antique Camera

When a man discovered a long-lost roll of film in an antique camera, he never believed he could develop it. But he did! And the photos are strange...


Scared and Stranded Dog Rescued From Bridge Above Mississippi River

When a bridge inspector found a stranded dog on a bridge above the Mississippi he sprang into action to save it. See his heroic actions...

Newborn Piglet Captures The Internet’s Heart With Adorable Photoshoot

This newborn piglet had its own adorable photoshoot, and now it's stealing the internet's heart! Find out all about these incredibly cute photos...


See What The Famous Ladies Of The ’80s and ’90s Are Up To Now

Ever wonder what the leading ladies of the '80s and '90s are up to today? Find out what your favorite actresses from the past are up to now!

The Highs and Lows of the 2020 Emmys

Sadly, the 2020 Emmys were affected, like everything else, by the coronavirus. But they marched on! See the highs and lows of the 2020 Emmys...


A Grandpa’s Note Left On A Bucket Of Baseballs Will Touch Your Heart

When one grandpa realized that his days of family games were behing him, he left his baseballs at the batting cages with a touching note attached...

Stars Rally Around Chrissy Teigen & John Legend After Pregnancy Loss

Celebrities rallied around Chrissy Teigen and John Legend after they suffered a devastating pregnancy loss. Read their kind words here...

911 Dispatcher Saves Baby and 71-Year-Old Man In One Shift

The 21-year-old 911 dispatcher proved just how much of a hero she is when she saved an 71-year-old man and a newborn baby in the same shift!


Man Makes A Massive Historical Discovery Behind A Wall In His Home

While doing some typical home remodeling, one man made a massive historical discovery while breaking down a wall in his house.

Divers Scouring The Atlantic Discovered A Shipwreck Lost In Time

In the Atlantic Ocean, these undersea divers discovered an ancient shipwreck - and the incredible cargo it contained!

Not-So-Royal Update: Meghan and Harry Drop “Royal” From Trademark Application

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry thought they could continue to use the word 'Royal' in their trademark. They were wrong...


Girl Scouts Uniform Receives First Makeover In 20 Years

For the first time in a couple of decades, the Girl Scouts uniform got an official makeover. Check out the stylish and functional new uniforms!

Couple Celebrates 60th Anniversary With Photoshoot In Original Wedding Attire

This couple from Nebraska knew exactly how to celebrate their 60th anniversary: with a photoshoot in their original wedding attire!

Pipsqueak the Dachshund Reunited With Family After 5-Month Separation Due To Coronavirus

Pipsqueak is one extraordinary dog who wasn’t scared of coronavirus. She went on one long journey to make it home to Australia!