History Was Made: NASA’s First All-Female Spacewalk

On October 18, NASA conducted ...

Viking Beer Hall Built 1,100 Years Ago Discovered In Scotland

An important discovery was made recently - an elite Vikings drinking hall was dug up in northern Scotland, dating back over 1,000 years...

Your Vintage Disney Merchandise Could Be Worth A Lot Of Money

Some vintage Disney merchandise items have sold for up to $150,000. Here are some of the most iconic vintage toys that are worth alot!

This Explorer Found the Titanic – Can He Find Amelia Earhart’s Plane?

For years, many thought we'd never find Amelia Earhart's plane. Now, however, the man who found the Titanic is on the case!

50 Years After The Moon Landing, What Happened To The Apollo 11 Astronauts?

Ever wonder what happened to the Apollo 11 astronauts after the moon landing? Find out where Buzz, Neil, and Michael are today!

Broken Toilet Leads To One Of The Most Significant Discoveries In History

When an Italian man went to replace the toilet in his bathroom, he stumbled upon an ancient treasure that completely baffled historians!

A NASA Intern Bought The Moon Landing Tapes For $218 – Now They’re Worth Millions

A NASA intern bought the original Apollo 11 moon landing tapes for $218, without knowing their significance - now they're worth millions!

The Greatest Guitarists In Music History, Ranked

From Johnny Ramone and Joni Mitchell to Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, see the greatest guitarists of all time, ranked!

Veterans From Opposite Sides Of WWII Commemorate D-Day Together

Two veterans who fought on opposite sides of WWII met to honor the 75th annual D-Day commemorations, side by side. Read on to see how it went...

Everything You’re Not Supposed To Know About The Chernobyl Disaster

Think you know everything about the Chernobyl disaster? Think again! Read on to discover everything you're not supposed to know about Chernobyl...

Hundreds Of Ancient Roman Gold Coins Discovered In Basement In Italy

Recently, workers discovered hundreds of ancient gold coins in Italy. A major archeological find, this could teach us much about a bygone era...

Mystery Letter Appears At The Post Office – 150 Years After Being Mailed

Lori Boes received a 150-year-old mystery letter and could not believe it. Who sent it and why did it arrive now? Read on to find out...

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