Blind Teen Swimmer Becomes Paralympic Star

Anastasia Pagonis, a blind teen swimmer and incredible young lady, broke her own record and won a gold medal at just 17-years-old at the Paralympics!

Two Michigan Brothers Finally Uncover the Treasure of Oak Island

Rick and Marty Lagina have serached for the treasure of Oak Island for almost twenty years! Now they think they have finally unearthed it...

Queen Elizabeth Opens Up About “Period of Great Sadness”

After the passing of her husband, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her birthday alone. In her sadness, she penned a heartbreaking letter to the public...

Royal Family Says Goodbye To Prince Philip With Beautiful Funeral

Prince Philip died at the age of 99 two weeks ago. Now, the British Royal Family has said goodbye in the most beautiful funerals ever...

Holocaust Survivors Reunited After 82 Years

These young girls became friends in the darkest of times: the Holocaust. Now these Holocaust survivors have finally reunited after 82 years!

Scientists Finally Discover Long-Lost Continent

Did you know that scientists recently discovered a new continent? That's right! Read more about the recently confirmed, long-lost land of Zealandia!

91-Year-Old Police Officer Has No Plans To Retire

This 91-year-old police officer is the oldest working law enforcement professional in his state - and he has no plans to retire any time soon!

WWII Veteran’s Postcard Finally Delivered After 77 Years

One World War II veteran sent a postcard to his uncle, only for it to finally arrive in 2021. This story of a returned letter is simply amazing...

Russian Scientists Found This At The Bottom Of The Deepest Hole On Earth

Over years, the Soviet Union dug the deepest hole found on Earth. But then researchers found something that forced them to seal their experiment forever...

Rest In Peace Baseball Legend Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron, one of the greatest baseball players of all time, has passed away in his sleep. Take a look back at his career and accomplishments...

Woman Discovers Slab She Used In Barn Is Actually a Roman Engraving Worth Nearly $20,000

One woman discovered that a stone slab that she used to climb on horses actually comes from ancient Rome and is worth $20,000! What a mistake...

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Celebrate 73rd Anniversary With New Portrait

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip shared a sweet new picture for their 73rd anniversary. Take a look at the nice snap from the Royal Family’s Instagram!

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