Queen Elizabeth II Dies at 96

Queen Elizabeth II, who was the longest-serving monarch in the UK, died at 96 years old. People around the world are mourning her passing…

Nepal Tigers Come Back From the Brink of Extinction

Nepal tigers have finally left their extinct label behind. Take a look at the incredible efforts of wildlife communities who saved the tiger species.

World-Breaking Ring Has 24,000 Diamonds

Created by a team of jewelers in India, this insane 24,000 diamond ring broke the world record. Take a look at the famous mushroom ring!

Grammys to Include Best Video Game Soundtrack Category

At last, video game music will be included in the Grammy Awards as a unique category. Learn more about the genre spreading across platforms.

CODA Makes Oscar History

CODA becomes the first movie from the streaming service to receive an Oscar! How would that affect filmmaking? Find out on Hashtag Chatter!

Massive Object Found In Space Could Be A Rare Interstellar Moon

Scientists have cataloged 1000s of exoplanets in space. But, while we have yet to find an exoplanet with its own moon, that all might change soon enough...

Betty White Passes Away at 99

Everyone around the world loves actress and television pioneer Betty White. Sadly, just a few weeks shy of her centennial birthday, White passed away. RIP.

After Hearing A Strange Noise, This Man Found Something Incredible Under His Driveway

When backing out of his driveway, a man heard a strange noise. He had no idea the noise would lead him to an amazing discovery under his driveway...

Trapped In A Real-Life “Lord of the Flies:” Discover The Story of the Tongan Castaways

Have you read "Lord of the Flies"? Then you will love the story of the Tongan castaways, a group of young men who actually survived on a deserted island!

DNA Sequencing of Viking Bones Rewrites History

No questions asked: the latest DNA sequencing of Viking bones will undoubtedly change the way historians look at the ancient warriors forever!

Scientists See ‘Mystery Creature’ While Exploring Shipwreck

Last year, scientists discovered an incredible, never-before-seen mystery creature while exploring a shipwreck. Needless to say, they felt stunned!

A New Chapter Begins For The “Conjuring House”

Looking for a new house and love ghosts? Well, The Conjuring House is up for sale once again! Read on to see how much its going for and the story behind...

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