Rest In Peace “Gone With The Wind” Actress Olivia De Havilland

Olivia De Havilland, best known for starring in "Gone With The Wind" and chanding Hollywood history, has passed away at the age of 104-years-old.

The Highs and Lows of Comic Con At Home

Due to the coronavirus, Comic-Con went online with Comic Con at Home. However, despite some major highs, [email protected] left many with mixed feelings...

Jada Pinkett Smith Admits Affair To Will Smith On Facebook

On her Facebook show, Jada Pinkett Smith sat down husband Will Smith to tell him about an affair she had with another man...

Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Crazy Collectors

From Nicolas Cage to Mila Kunis, see which celebrity collectors horde items like Beanie Babies, Star Trek figures, cars, and much more!

Actors Alongside The Real People They Played In Movies

See how true to life "real" films are! Take a look at actors alongside the real people they played in movies...

Netflix Brings Back ’90s Cult Classic “Unsolved Mysteries”

Turning to nostalgia yet again, Netflix is bringing back Unsolved Mysteries, the '90s cult classic, along with the producers of Stranger Things!

Dame Judi Dench Becomes Vogue’s Oldest Cover Star in History Aged 85

One of the most iconic actresses of all time, Dame Judi Dench, recently became the oldest celebrity to grace a Vogue cover!

The Most Infamous Celebrity Award Show Mishaps

From Rob Lowe and Kanye West to Emma Thompson and Katherine Heigl relive the most infamous celebrity award show and red carpet disasters!

Ian Holm, Lord of the Rings and Alien Star, Dead at 88

Ian Holm, an incredible actor with roles in Lord of the Rings, Alien, and more has passed away at the age of 88...

The Most Famous Movie That Takes Place in Your State

From Forrest Gump to the Shining, see the most famous movie set in your home state, right here!

Biggest Film Festivals In The World Unite For Streaming Event

With many film festivals canceled around the world, they decided to band together and bring the content to YouTube!

The Shockingly Modest Homes of Successful Celebrities

While most celebrities own mega-mansions, a select few, including Matthew McConaughey and Dolly Parton live in modest homes!

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