The Witcher: Blood Origin Hits Netflix in December

An official prequel to the original story, "The Witcher: Blood Origin" will soon debut on Netflix. Find out what the new series is about!

Wednesday Coming to Netflix

Whether you dreamt of it or ...

James Earl Jones Hands Over Rights to Darth Vader Voice

After almost 50 years in the role, James Earl Jones is stepping down from voicing Darth Vader. Find out who’s working on the iconic character now!

Rihanna to Perform in Super Bowl Halftime Show

After declining the proposal in 2019, Rihanna finally joins the Super Bowl Halftime show in 2023. Check out the success of the biggest Barbados artist!

“Knives Out” Sequel “Glass Onion” Is Coming to Netflix

Filmmaker Rian Johnson’s Knives Out became a universal hit after debuting in 2019. Now, the Knives Out sequel is ready for its winter premiere: what should we expect from the new Glass Onion film?

Viola Davis to Play A Villain in Hunger Games Prequel

In the upcoming Hunger Games prequel, Viola Davis will play one of the main evil characters. Dig into the exciting role of Volumnia Gaul.

You Can Now Learn High Valyrian on Duolingo

If languages from around the world weren’t enough, you can now learn one from another universe. Duolingo has now given users High Valyrian courses — a language featured in the "Game of Thrones" prequel, "House of the Dragon."

BTS Members Set to Star in 5 Disney+ Shows

One of the biggest Korean pop groups of the decade is collaborating with Disney! A total of five shows will be available for streaming on Disney+. There, fans will be able to join the group at their concert, learn more about their success story, and much more.

Diet Coke Names Kate Moss as Creative Director

Style alert! Fashion and soda come together as Diet Coke celebrates its 40th anniversary by signing on Kate Moss as its Creative Director.

Beyonce to Release “Renaissance”

Six years after her last release, Beyoncé is coming out with a new album. Check out teasers for “Renaissance” on Hashtag Chatter!

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