‘The Joker’ Movie Breaks Box Office Records Amid Massive Backlash

'The Joker' movie smashed October box-office records, despite massive backlash from audiences and critics shortly before the movie debuted.

The Worst Episodes From The Most Popular TV Shows

Everyone has an off day once! From 'Friends' to 'Game of Thrones' - here are some of the worst episodes from the most popular TV shows ever.

A First Look At AMC’s New ‘Walking Dead’ Spin-Off, ‘Monument’

As promised, yet another 'Walking Dead' spin-off series, currently titled 'Monument,' is coming. Read on to discover everything we know about it...

The Best TV Shows Premiering In October 2019

It's the fall season! That means that plenty of our most beloved TV shows will return to your screens in October! Check them out here...

Celebrities You Never Knew Served In The Military

Did you know that some of your favorite celebrities served in the military? From Sean Connery to Gene Hackman, see who served!

Most Entertaining YouTube Channels You Need To Check Out Right Now

From recreating famous foods to turning themselves into chairs, here are the most entertaining YouTube channels for you to watch...

Confirmed: A ‘Saved By the Bell’ Reboot Is In The Works

'Saved By the Bell,' the iconic 80's TV series, will be getting a reboot on NBC's new streaming platform, Peacock, in the near future....

The Famous Spouses of All Your Favorite Celebrities

Ever wonder how the spouses of the rich and famous spend their time and money? See what the spouses of George Clooney, Salma Hayek, and more do...

TV Shows That Were Based On America’s Favorite Podcasts

Did you know some of your favorite podcasts have turned into great TV shows? From 'Serial' to 'Homecoming,' here are some of the best...

Paul Walker’s Character Could Return In The Next ‘Fast & Furious’ Movie

Reports have been coming out Hollywood the part of Brian, made famous by Paul Walker, might come back for one more F&F film...

We Bet You Didn’t Know These Famous Celebs Were Related

One of the easiest ways to become famous is to have big-name moms and dads. See which celebs have famous parents!

Keanu Reeves And Robert Englund Team Up With Make-A-Wish Foundation

Make-A-Wish, alongside celebrities Keanu Reeves and Robert Englund, made two young fans' dreams come true!

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