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Man Finally Opens Ex-Girlfriend’s Christmas Gift, Solving 50-Year-Old Mystery

Adrian Pearce's ex-girlfriend gave him a Christmas gift as a parting present. Then, for 50 years, he never opened. Finally, after all these years...

Railway Workers Discovered An Adventures Puppy On Busy Morning Train

Hamish, a puppy, took off on quite an adventure, boarding a train heading to's the amazing story of one adventurous Irish Terrier.

This Pregnant Woman’s Dog Wouldn’t Leave Her Alone, And It Ended Up Saving Her Life

Alhanna Butler, a pregnant woman, was having a normal pregnancy. Then, her dog started to whine and cry at her all the time. Soon, they discovered why...

The Net Worth of These Megastar Celebrities Will Surprise You

It's true, celebrities work hard for their massive fortunes. But wait to see these surprising celebrity net worths before you feel too bad!

After Changing Just Two Habits, This Woman Is Beating Her Biggest Battles

Jessica Beniquez always struggled with food. After losing 170 lbs, she looked forward to her new life. Now, she's facing an even bigger battle...

Grandfather Planned Granddaughter’s Surprising Sweet 16 Gift For Over 10 Years

Lauren Blank expected a normal sweet 16 with friends and family. However, her grandfather had an incredible gift that would surprise everyone!

The Most Inspiring Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations

Whether for a role, health, or themselves, sometimes celebs need to lose weight, like us! Here are some inspiring celebrity weight loss stories...

8-Year-Old Homeless Refugee Wins Chess Championship, Helps Family Out Of Shelter

An 8-year-old Nigerian refugee living in a homeless shelter won an NYC chess championship and used the money to help his family leave their shelter!

Emilia Clarke Survived Two Life-Threatening Aneurysms While Filming ‘Game of Thrones’

In an essay for The New Yorker, Emilia Clarke, aka Khalisee on Game of Thrones, shared how she survived two dangerous strokes while filming.

Astonishing Drone Photos Capture Fascinating and Strange Scenes

Drones are becoming a regular part of our lives, especially when it comes to photography. So, we've collected all the greatest drone photos ever!

Ohio Dad Builds A Massive Igloo For His 9 Disabled Children

Gregg Eichhorn, an Ohio dad, built an igloo for his 9 disabled kids when they couldn't find one for them. Read on to discover this wonderful story!

Pilot Orders 23 Pizzas For Passengers Stuck On Tarmac For Hours

An Air Canada pilot orders pizza for dozens of his passengers after the flight was diverted! Read on to discover their priceless reactions...

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