Florida Man Loses Prosthetic Leg While Surfing, Teen Finds and Returns It

When a Flordia man lost his prosthetic leg while surfing, he never expected to see it again. Then a teen came to the rescue!

Once Homeless Teen Graduates College on Dean’s List

No matter the obstacles, this homeless teen was determined to graduate college - and she did, on the Dean's List!

Strangers Reunite Family With Military Quilt Lost In Tornado

After a devastating tornado, Beulah Lockmiller though her husband's military quilt was gone for good...

High School Teacher Creates Lawn Display For Her 2020 Seniors

See how one teacher honored her 2020 seniors amid the coronavirus and their canceled graduation...

Divers Find An Old Camera Lying On The Ocean Floor, Then They Saw The Pictures

When a diver found a camera lost at sea, he could not believe he saw a familiar face in the photos...

Couple Buys 120-Year-Old Mansion By Mistake – Then Decide To Restore It!

This young couple accidentally bought a 120-year-old mansion in Scotland. Instead of taking a loss, they've decided to restore it!

Jane Fonda Joins TikTok And Recreates Her ’80s Workouts

The coronavirus has many joining social media, including Jane Fonda. On TikTok, she recreated her '80s workout routines!

Museum Security Guard Takes Over Social Media During Coronavirus, Goes Viral

Tim the Cowboy, the security guard at the National Cowboy Museum, took over social media during the coronavirus!

Coronavirus: A Good News Roundup

We've brought to you some good news in the midst of the current coronavirus pandemic!

Quarantine Love Story from New York City Goes Viral

In quarantine, a young man noticed a cute lady in another building - and he found the most creative way to ask her out!

What Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Lost, Now That They’ve Left The Royal Family

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have left the Royal Family there's a long list of things that they can no longer do...

Man Begins Reuniting People With Their Photos From Closed Printing Shop

A man discovered stacks of abandoned family photos in a closed printing store. He made it his mission to reunite them with their families...

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