This Team of Rats is Training to be Heroes

You've heard of rescue dogs but what about rescue rats? This team of rescue rats is being trained to help humans with earthquakes, landmines, and diseases. Find out how these hero rats navigate such challenges.

Children’s Letters Boost Adoptions from Animal Shelter

The animal shelter collaborated with second-graders to make a change in the community. Find out how dogs and cats found their forever homes!

Think Wordle is Hard? Try These!

Wordle has taken the world by storm. But one challenge a day is hardly enough for some. Want more ways to test your skills? Try these World alternatives!

Maryland Woman Thanks Hero Who Found Son’s Wallet in Snow, Then Drove it to Her House

Need a good story to boost your week? Well, meet the Maryland woman who experienced a wonderful start to 2022 when someone returned her son's wallet!

This Man Built A Secret Apartment In A Mall, And Lived There For 4 Years Before Being Discovered

Discover the incredible, insane story of on artist who managed to build a secret apartment in his local mall and live their undercover for four years!

Meet Oscar the Cat – The Feline That Can Predict When People Will Pass Away

Believe it or not, but one nursing and rehabilitation center believes that its community pet, Oscar the Cat, can actually predict death. That's right!

12-Year-Old Uses Boy Scout Know-How to Rescue Lost Couple and Injured Dog

At 12-years-old, one boy scout saved a lost couple and their injured dog from their hiking nightmare. Read more about this heroic boy and his good deeds!

Best Black Friday Deals Of 2021

Thinking about shopping this upcoming Friday? Well, make sure you're well informed! These are the best Black Friday deals of 2021...

Firefighter Starts Crying After A Little Boy Approaches Him With A Question

When a little boy approached a fire captain, he had no idea what to do. However, when he heard the little boy's story the fireman knew he needed to help...

Man’s Old Lotto Ticket Earns Him $20 Million

After purchasing a lotto ticket, a Canadian man forgot all about it. But the ticket ended up earning him $20 million in lottery winnings - that's right!

More Than Three Decades After She Gave Her Son Up, A Mother Found Him In The Most Unlikely Place

For more than three decades after putting her son up for adoption, Stacey Faix always wondered what happened to her boy. Then, one day, she found out...

Three Decades After Her Son Vanished, This Woman Discovered The Truth In A KFC

For three decades after her ex-husband and son vanished, Lyneth Mann-Lewis looked all over the U.S. for them. She never expected to find answers in a KFC...

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