Couple Celebrates 60th Anniversary With Photoshoot In Original Wedding Attire

This couple from Nebraska knew exactly how to celebrate their 60th anniversary: with a photoshoot in their original wedding attire!

Pipsqueak the Dachshund Reunited With Family After 5-Month Separation Due To Coronavirus

Pipsqueak is one extraordinary dog who wasn’t scared of coronavirus. She went on one long journey to make it home to Australia!

Kerith The Golden Retriever Comforts Firefighters During The California Fires

As wildfires spread in California, Kerith the golden retriever is the only one helping firefighters. Read about the puppy comforting essential workers!

Celebrities Who Gained Some Weight Over The Years

Over the years, megastars like Brendan Fraser, Val Kilmer, Kelly Clarkson, and more have gained weight. See their celebrity weight gain stories now...

Young Boy Receives Thousands of Adoption Applications After His Plea Goes Viral

When 9-year-old Jordan from Oklahoma made an adoption plea on the local news, he didn't think it would do anything. But it went viral leading to 1000s of...

Mom’s “Poop-trophe” Post Garners Over 300,000 Shares

As any parent can tell you, you can never be prepared for everything. But this mom and her story of a "poop-trophe" are particularly crazy...

9-Year-Old Saves Drowning Dad From Ocean

When one young boy realized that his father never came back up the surface while swimming, he risked everything to save his drowning dad!

Teenager Carves Wooden Flags to Support ‘Forgotten Heroes’ During COVID

This teen started a unique charity project for veterans: selling wooden flags. Now he's raising for healthcare workers - and it's more than you think!

Missing Toddler Found Safe With Cocker Spaniel

When toddler Abigail Ladwig went missing, the entire town came together to find her. Thankfully the child had a protector: her dog!

New Hampshire High School Celebrates Seniors With Ski Lift Graduation

Most high school graduation ceremonies had to be held online, but this school found a way around it: they used a ski lift for the event!

This Sand Artist Makes Incredibly Realistic Sculptures

That sand lying in the sand might look incredibly realistic and living, but its actually just a sand sculpture from sand artist Andoni Bastarrika!

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