Family Yorkie Saves Little Child From Coyote

Dogs are humans' best friends and a small Yorkie certainly proved it! The canine saved its owner from a coyote attack. Read on to see how it turned out...

Dogs Are Learning To Sniff Out Coronavirus

Researchers are teaching a pack of dogs to sniff out the distinctive sent of coronavirus. That's right! Read on to learn more...

Woman Finds 95-Year-Old Message In A Bottle – And Tracks Down Owner’s Daughter

A woman recently found a 95-year-old message in a bottle. Not only that, but she managed to track down the owner's daughter and return the letter!

Elephant Crashes Into A Woman’s Home In Search For Food

A woman awoke in Thailand to a pretty strange and startling sight in her kitchen: an elephant had broke in and was looking for food!

Lobster Diver Swallowed By A Humpback Whale – And Then Spat Back Out!

This lobster diver had a tough shift – he was almost eaten by a humpback whale! Read the crazy story of his survival after the animal spat him out!

Grandma Told She Was ‘Too Old’ For A Dog Gets The Sweetest Surprise

One grandma wanted to adopt a new puppy, but animal shelters told her she was too old for a dog! But her family made it happen, despite the ageism...

Hero Cop Single-Handedly Lifts Overturned Car Off Woman

When arriving on the scene of a car accident, one cop found a woman trapped under her car! So, with his bare hands, the hero cop lifted up the car!

After 50 Years, A Daughter Found Her Birth Mom — Who Starred On Her Favorite Show As A Kid

An adopted daughter has found her birth mom at the age of 50. But she soon discovered she had watched her mother every day on television while growing up!

More Than 800 Turtles Rescued From Storm Drains

Stockton University helped saved more than 800 turtles from the storm drains in Jersey Shore. Read the touching story of their rehabilitation!

Escaped Alligator, Cow Cause Separate Traffic Jams In Houston

Both an alligator and cow got loose on the roads and highways of Houston - on the same day! Read more about the day this Texas city turned into a zoo...

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Celebrate Archie’s 2nd Birthday

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently celebrated their son Archie's birthday with donations, photos, and so much more! Read on to discover...

Mail Carrier Receives Sweetest Sendoff For Retirement

After working as a mail carrier for several decades, this man got the cutest sendoff for retirement. Find out the special way his neighbors said goodbye!

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