Giant Manta Ray Photobombs Surfer

A photographer went to the beach to snap some shots of the surfers. But a giant manta ray managed to perfectly photobomb a fantastic pic, making it better!

The Funniest Sports Photos Ever Snapped

Are you a sports buff? Then you'll certainly love the funniest sports photos ever taken - from the amateur level all the way up through the major leagues!

IKEA’s New Cookbook Puts Kitchen Scraps to Good Use With Recipes From Top Chefs

The new cookbook from IKEA takes kitchen scraps and transforms them into high-end dishes. The best part of all? It's completely free - that's right!

Hero Thai Sailor Saves Four Kittens From Burning Ship

One Thai sailor in the Royal Navy is used to saving people from burning boats - but not kittens! However, that did not stop him from rescuing the felines...

‘Deep Nostalgia’ Tool Brings Motion to Old Family Photos, Immediately Becomes Meme

The Deep Nostalgia tool helps bring old pictures to life with the help of AI and video. Of course, the internet quickly turned it into a meme...

Small Town Makes Its Only UPS Driver Cry With Emotional “Thank You” Gift

Everyone in the small town of Dauphin, Pennsylvania knows this UPS driver – because there's only one! Recently, the community brought him to tears...

Good Samaritan Helps Hundreds Of Drivers Stranded In Devastating Texas Winter Storm

Texas has been hard-hit by winter storm Uri. Thankfully, one Good Samaritan helped save many lives by helping hundreds of drivers during the terrible storm!

After Winning A Car, Chick-fil-A Employee Gifts It To Co-Worker In Need

When this Chick-fil-A employee won a car, she immediately gave it to her coworker in need. Read this story about friendship and generosity!

Alex Trebek Wardrobe Donated To Homeless Organization For Job Interviews

Recently, Alex Trebek’s family donated his "Jeopardy!" wardrobe to help homeless men who are going in for job interviews. Read on to find out more...

Tom Brady, Guy Fieri, Aaron Rodgers, and More Celebrities Help Raise Money For Barstool Fund

Dave Portnoy’s Barstool Fund has received support from celebrities like Tom Brady and Guy Fieri. Learn about how the fund is helping small businesses!

80-Year-Old Man Masters Microsoft Excel To Create Amazing Artwork

This man from Japan uses Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to make amazing pices of art! Find out how he learned to paint on his own, all while in retirement...

Young Girl Raises $30K for Homeless Man Who Returned Her Grandmother’s Wallet

When a homeless man returned her grandmother's wallet, a young girl knew she needed to help him. Now she's raised over $30,000 for him and other homeless...

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