Family Stays at Animal Shelter for 27 Hours to Adopt Dog

When one family from Tusla saw a dog at an animal shelter, they knew they had to have her. They were even willing to wait 27 hours!

He’s On The Hunt For The Worst Dad Jokes Of All Time, For A Good Cause

See how this father turned his love of dad jokes into a fantastic way to raise money for charity!

Man Tormented By Mystery Pizza Deliveries To His House For Almost A Decade

You've heard of the prank, but this is something else. Read about the man who's been tormented by mystery pizza for 10 years...

Twins Sisters Become Valedictorian And Salutatorian At Same High School

Meet the twin sisters who graduated valedictorian and salutatorian together, overcoming many obstacles along the way...

Boy Reels In Purse From Lake While Fishing, Finds A Familiar Face Inside

While fishing, young Brodie Brooks never expected to reel in a purse. He certainly never expected to see a familiar face inside...

Drone Snaps Amazing Images Of “Largest Turtle Gathering Ever Seen”

Take a look at incredible incredible photos of the "largest sea turtle gathering ever seen," captured from above via drone!

Beautiful Fawn Curls Up On Unknown Soldier’s Grave In Georgia

This little fawn was searching for a place to rest and ended up curling up for a rest on an Unknown Soldier's grave! Read more...

9-Year-Old Boy With Cerebral Palsy Completes Marathon

Discover the story of Tobias Weller, a 9-year-old with cerebral palsy who walked every day, raising money for his hospital!

Meet The 13-Year-Old Who Just Graduated From College

While most teens are in high school, Jack Rico is already done with college! Meet the 13-year-old college graduate...

Dad Builds Stage in Driveway to Host a Proper College Graduation for Daughter

Due to coronavirus, most graduations are canceled. See how this father got creative for his daughter's big day...

Florida Man Loses Prosthetic Leg While Surfing, Teen Finds and Returns It

When a Flordia man lost his prosthetic leg while surfing, he never expected to see it again. Then a teen came to the rescue!

Once Homeless Teen Graduates College on Dean’s List

No matter the obstacles, this homeless teen was determined to graduate college - and she did, on the Dean's List!

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