Boy Makes Baseball Bats to Raise Money for Hometown After Devastating Storm

After a terrible storm hit his hometown, this 12-year-old boy started selling handmade baseball bats to raise money for the local relief fund!

Teacher Saves Student’s Grandparent’s Life While Leading Class On Zoom

While teaching via Zoom, a first-grade educator noticed something wrong with one student's grandparent. That's when the teacher became a real-life hero!

When This Man Entered His Neighbor’s Home, He Realized They’d Have To Burn It Down

When a man found out his neighbor slept in her car, not her house, he decided to help. After entering her home, he knew they needed to burn it down...

Meet The 5th Grader Preparing 100k Thanksgiving Meals For People In Need

This 5th grader from Texas created his own charitable campaign – and now he’s collecting food for those in need this Thanksgiving!

Hero Police Dog Locates Lost 2-Year-Old Iowa Boy

This officer and his police dog were quick to find a lost boy after he wandered away from his home. Along the way, the toddler's family dog kept him safe!

Teen Scientist Wins $25,000 Prize for Research on Coronavirus

A 14-year-old from Texas won $25,000 after submitting her research on coronavirus to a competition. Now, see how the teen scientist will spend her cash!

Taco Bell Fans Launch Massive Petition To Save Mexican Pizza

Recently, Taco Bell announced that it would discontinue its "Mexican Pizza." Now, fans have started a petition to save the item before its demise...

Woman Raises $85k for COVID-19 Relief by Climbing All of Colorado’s 14,000-Foot Peaks

This woman didn’t want to stay home amid coronavirus, so she went hiking in Colorado. She also used it as a way to raise money for those hurt by COVID-19!

Soldier Reunites Home With Dog She Met Serving Overseas

While serving overseas, this soldier found a dog that she fell in love with. When she returned home, she knew she needed to bring her furry friend along...

Doctors Protest for Bikini Pictures in Viral Social Media Challenge

A recent study said it was inappropriate for doctors to post bikini pictures. Guess how female MDs protested - by posting bikini pics!

Police Detectives Help Replace Medals Vietnam Veteran Lost In Burglary

When a police detective found out that a fellow veteran had his hard-earned medals stolen, he did not stop until justice was served...

Photographer Develops Long-Lost Film Discovered In Antique Camera

When a man discovered a long-lost roll of film in an antique camera, he never believed he could develop it. But he did! And the photos are strange...

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