50 Years After Her Dad Called Off Her Wedding, She Found Hope In Her Mom’s Purse

After wondering for 50 years, one woman finally discovered why her dad called off her wedding, in her mom's purse...

92-Year-Old Finally Fulfills His Boyhood Dream Of Skiing

Remember: age is just a number! Recently, a 92-year-old UK retiree finally fulfilled his boyhood dream of skiing!

After Adopted Ugandan Girl Learns English, She Reveals Her Harrowing Past

After Jessica and Adam adopted Namata from Uganda, they taught her English. Then, the young girl revealed her past...

Utah Couple Buys The Subway Where They First Fell In Love

22 years ago, one Utah couple fell in love at a Subway. Now, they've bought the location from the retiring owners!

This Father Had No Idea A Wrong Number Text Would Save His Family

When a loving father got a wrong number text, he had no idea that the message would eventually save his son's life...

Vermont Boy Raises Over $1000 To Cover His Classmates’ Lunch Debt

One little boy decided that for Christmas he wanted to give back: so he raised hundreds to cover his classmates' lunch debt!

10 Years After He Sent A Message In A Bottle, His Letter Was Found On The Shores Of France

10 years ago, little Max sent a message in a bottle across the ocean - and forgot about it. Nearly a decade later, he received a reply...

Incredible Diners Give A Single-Mother Waitress A $1000 “Tip” For Christmas

A waitress was working her usual weekend shift when she found out that a party of eight left her a $1000 "tip" for the holidays!

Police Officer Donates Organ To 11-Year-Old, Then Helps Pay Medical Bills

A police officer donated her organ to an 11-year-old who need it. Afterward, she helped pay for his medical bills...

Owning A Dog Helps Reduce The Risk Of Cardiac Episodes

Amazingly, new Swedish research shows that owning a dog helps reduce the risks of cardiac episodes!

Here Are The Most Mispronounced Names and Words of 2019

Take a look at the most mispronounced names and words from the biggest stories of 2019...

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