This Couple Waited Almost A Decade To Open A Wedding Present

It might seem strange, or even downright rude, that Brandon and Kathy did not open a wedding present for nearly a decade. But they had a good reason...

Wine Fairies of Long Island Lift (And Deliver) Spirits During Coronavirus

When one woman wanted to help her neighbors during coronavirus, she had no idea it would grow into the now-viral "Wine Fairies Of Long Island" group...

Mother of Veteran Donates Sneakers To U.S. Soldiers Overseas Amid Coronavirus

This mom-led non-profit has been sending shoes to U.S. soldiers overseas who desperately need them, even though the coronavirus pandemic!

Chris Evans Sends ‘Captain America’ Shield to Boy Who Saves His Sister

When 6-year-old Bridger Walker saved his sister from a dog attack, actor Chris Evans showed his appreciation by sending Walker his Captian America shield!

Dog Becomes Hero On The 4th of July

The 4th of July can easily turn dangerous - take a look at how Roux the dog became a hero by alerting his owner to a growing danger!

From Elementary To High School, This Valedictorian Never Missed A Day

Ashanti Palmer, a very inspirational high school valedictorian, is not only one of the smartest at her school - she never missed a day since kindergarten!

Walt Disney World Entertainer Delivers Smiles Door-To-Door

One Disney World entertainer started feeling bored during quarantine, so he went out and delivered smiles to people people - all while staying safe!

The Incredible Homes Of Iconic Sports Stars

From Tom Brady and Tiger Woods to Maria Sharapova and Michael Jordan, see the most amazing sports stars' homes from around the world!

This Was Princess Diana’s Final Bittersweet Birthday Wish

Princess Diana had her last birthday party in 1997, but only now is information about her bittersweet final birthday wish coming to light...

These Parents Of Two Boys Prayed For A Baby Girl But Got Something Completey Different

We've all heard the phrase "be careful what you wish for," but these parents got more than they bargained for when they prayed for a baby girl!

Family Stays at Animal Shelter for 27 Hours to Adopt Dog

When one family from Tusla saw a dog at an animal shelter, they knew they had to have her. They were even willing to wait 27 hours!

He’s On The Hunt For The Worst Dad Jokes Of All Time, For A Good Cause

See how this father turned his love of dad jokes into a fantastic way to raise money for charity!

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