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‘Jeopardy!’ Winner Donates To Charity As Tribute To Alex Trebek

James Holzhauer appeared on 32 episodes of Jeopardy, winning over $2 million - but his biggest tribute was to Alex Trebek, the show's host. 

This Man Thought He’d Never See His Cat Again, But A Microchip Changed That

Thanks to a microchip, a 20-year-old cat was found and reunited with her owners after nine long years. See how they found each other...

4 Teenagers Saw Their Elderly Neighbor’s House On Fire And Ran Inside

When four teens walked outside, they smelled smoke and saw their elderly neighbor's house in flames. Without thinking, they ran inside...

California Safety Officers Fixed An Elderly Couple’s Broken Wheelchair Ramp

After safety officers in California realized an elderly couple's wheelchair ramp was broken, they decided to build them a new one - from scratch!

Man Wins Mega Lottery Prize After Picking Numbers From A Fortune Cookie

A 66-year-old man from North Carolina picked lottery numbers from a fortune cookie his granddaughter gave to him - and won over $300 million!

Girl Waves At Cop Everyday, The Day She Doesn’t His Gut Tells Him Something Is Wrong

Little Klynn Scales waved to officer Jeff Colvin every day. So when he heard her address on the police radio, he knew he needed to respond.

Tom Hanks Tried To “Bribe” Stubborn Bartenders With ‘Toy Story 4’ Tickets

Bartenders denied star Tom Hanks beer at the Stagecoach festival because he didn't have his ID - so he tried "bribe" them with 'Toy Story 4' tickets...

Police Officer Surprises Hardworking 52-Year-Old Woman With Incredible Gift

When a police officer witness how hard this 52-year-old woman worked, he decided to surprise her in the most incredible way possible...

How Your Favorite Stars Celebrated Memorial Day 2019

How did your favorite stars celebrate Memorial Day 2019? Find out on right here; including Glenn Close, John Krasinski, Matt Damon, and more!

Waitress Serves Grumpy Senior For Years, Receives Strange Call After He Vanishes

For years, a waitress served a grumpy man who came into her restaurant every day. However, after he stopped showing up she received a shocking call...

Family Dog and Wild Bear Work Together On Brilliant Scheme

A Canadian man found out his dog lets a wild bear go through his trash - in exchange for deer bones! Here's the crazy story that went viral...

One Week After Receiving Triplets, A Doctor Handed This Couple Life-Altering News

Just one week after adopting triplets, Sarah and Andrew received some life-altering news from their doctor. Read on to discover what they found out...

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