Army Vet Carves Canes From Recycled Christmas Trees For Those In Need

After suffering for years, an Army vet started carving canes from Christmas trees for other veterans in similar pain...

Passenger Paid His Uber Driver’s College Debt, Enabling Her To Finish Her Degree

One Georgia man paid off the college debt of his Uber driver, enabling the woman to earn her college degree!

Prince Harry and Meghan Announce They’re Stepping Back From Royal Family

Shockingly, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced they intended to step back from their roles in the Royal Family.

Irwin Family, Pink, And More Celebrities Raise Money For Australian Fires

The Australian wildfires have destroyed many lives. In response, celebrities from across the globe have donated millions of dollars...

FashionDads Instagram Account Celebrates ‘Dad Fashion’ – And The Internet Loves It

Two college students created a hysterical Instagram account, called FashionDads, lovingly mocking the ugly fashion of dads!

23-Year-Old Makes The Tough Decision To Become The World’s Youngest Grandpa

23-year-old Tommy had a tough decision to make: become a famous athlete or stop and become the world's youngest grandpa?

Michael Atkins Started Off As A Custodian, Now He’s A School Principal

Michael Atkins started off his school career off as a custodian. Now, however, he's a principal and his journey there is incredible!

This 4-Year-Old Saved Her Mom’s Life By Dialing 911 Herself

Isla Glaser is a 4-year-old who she saved her mom's life! The young child wasted no time dialing 911 when her mother collapsed...

Australian Couple Discovers A 10-Foot Python Wrapped Around Their Christmas Tree

A couple came home and found something quite surprising: a giant python wrapped around their Christmas tree!

You Can Now Donate To Charities With These ‘Giving Vending Machines’

Throughout December, a number of charity vending machines have popped up in Denver, Colorado!

New Hampshire Grandmother Sent Over 150,000 Holiday Cards To Troops

One grandmother grew her "passion project" of sending holiday cards to troops from a family tradition into a nonprofit!

Camila Cabello Admits She Stole From The Palace; Prince William, Duchess Kate Respond

Recently, Camila Cabello admitted to stealing from the royal palace! Then, Prince William and Duchess Kate's responded...

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