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Keanu Reeves Goes On Road Trip With Strangers After Their Plane Is Stranded

After his plane needed to make an emergency landing, Keanu Reeves hired a minibus to take the passengers where they needed to be! Read more...

A Japanese Manufacturer Will Replicate Your Pet’s Face Onto A Mask For $2,700

A Japanese modeling company just released their newest product: a replica pet mask of your pet! The price? $2,700. Find out more here...

NYC Pizza Delivery Man Helps Police Chase Down A Thief, Still Delivers Pie On Time

A pizza delivery man was just on his regular delivery route when his quick actions helped police arrest a suspect in New York City. Read on...

Prince Harry Thinks Popular Video Game ‘Fortnite’ Should Be Banned

In early April, Prince Harry attended a discussion about mental health and gaming, where he stated Fortnite should be banned. Here's what he said...

Adorable Koala Bear Refuses To Leave Car During Australian Heatwave

A man left his car for a second with the A/C on - when he came back, he found a koala bear in the back seat with his dog. And it wouldn't leave! 

71-Year-Old Beats Planking World Record, And Much More From A Record-Breaking Week

Last week three world records were broken - and you won't believe the love and determination people have for beating their chosen world record!

Students Bought An Old Couch For $20, And Got Way More Than They Bargained For

In 2014, a group of friends bought a second-hand sofa for their apartment. But what they thought was just an old couch had an amazing surprise inside!

Missing California Girls Miraculously Found After Surviving Two Nights In The Wilderness

Two missing California girls, aged 5 and 8, were found two miles away from their home - after being able to survive whatever nature threw at them...

Royals Update: The Queen’s 1st Instagram Photo, Harry And Meghan News, And More!

The royals have certainly had a busy month - from the Queen's first Instagram upload, to Prince Harry's and Meghan's home, baby news, and more!

Luke Perry, Star Of ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Dies At 52

Luke Perry, 'Beverly Hills 90210' star, had passed away earlier this month due to a stroke. He was loved by many and will be remembered forever.

Olympics Organizers Propose Adding Break Dancing To The 2024 Games

At the 2024 Paris Olympics, the world might see a huge new add-on: competitive break dancing. Read on to see the organizers' radical proposal...

Meghan’s Royal Baby Shower: Everything You Need To Know

Duchess Meghan Markle threw an intimate royal baby shower with her closest (and most famous) friends. Who went, what did they do, and where was Kate?

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